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The Spa Facial ~ Massage

The Healing Art of Touch

Why Get a Massage?

Massage feels good, relaxing and invigorating. It affects the nerves, muscles, glands, and circulation, while promoting health and well-being and increasing the oxygen flow in the blood releasing toxins.

Your choices:

Massage is a proven stress reliever and health booster. Plus, it feels real good. With so many flavors, it's hard not to be satisfied. Pick the one that suits you best.


This deep-tissue massage rubs muscles against each other and against bone, always in the direction of blood flow to the heart.

Benefits: Reduces recovery time for injured muscles, increases circulation and flushes out lactic and uric acids. It also keeps ligaments and tendons supple.

Why you need it: If you have chronic muscle fatigue, or if your lifestyle demands intense physical work, Swedish is the best medicine.

Sports massage

Tailor-made for the athlete, sports massage combines elements of Swedish and Shiatsu in targeting specific muscles used in sports.

Benefits: It prepares the athlete for peak performance, drains fatigue, prevents injuries, decreases swelling, and helps heal damaged tissue.

Why you need it: If you're a serious athlete, this massage is almost a necessary part of your training regimen.

Stone massage

Hot or cold smooth stones, often treated with oils, are pressed on a person's body as an extension of the hands. This massage is often structured around Swedish-style strokes.

Benefits: Different stones are said to have different therapeutic qualities, so the benefits are manifold and can be tailored to each client's needs.

Why you need it: It's ideal for those who believe in the mystical powers of minerals.


Long, smooth strokes with essential oils cover the entire body. There's little pressure in Californian; it's more like an extended, professional caressing session.

Benefits: Full body relaxation and a state of mental bliss. Like its namesake state, this massage is all about chilling out.

Why you need it: If you live under constant mental stress, Californian massage is the perfect way to clear your mind, recharge your batteries and make you forget your worries for a bit


Reflex points in the feet and hands branch out to every part of the body, and are accordingly stimulated through targeted pressure. This practice increases circulation and promotes specific bodily and muscular functions.

Benefits: The touted boons of reflexology include physical and emotional improvements, such as increased confidence, motivation and concentration.

Why you need it: If you believe that fiddling with your hands and feet can treat your disorders and boost your self-esteem, by all means go for it. There's actually plenty of anecdotal evidence to support this belief.

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