The Spa Facial

Hours: 10am-7pm
7 Days a Week
Galt Ocean Drive
Ft. Lauderdale.

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The Spa Facial ~ Services

Facial Therapy

Instant Spa Facial
The perfect lunch time face lift


 Advanced Spa Facial
 Pampered and rejuvenated  neck & shoulder massage.


Anti-Aging Ultra Hydrating
Minimize fine lines & wrinkles, leaving skin amazing, radiant.

Acne Detoxifying Problematic
Controls Bacteria & prevents further breakouts leaving you with clear skin.


Rosacea Sensitive Skin
Alleviate the redness. Soothing, nice, cool and very hydrating.


Sun Damaged Skin
Total skin repair. Fortify, heal and renew sunburned layers.


Gentleman's Spa

Executive Male Treatment
The Detail Facial with Massage.


Manscaping & Bodywork
Body hair sculpt, Body Scrubs, Shampoos and hydrating lotions.


Peels, Masks & Body Treatments

Alpha Glycolic Peel
Hydroxy Acids deeply sheds dead skin cells revealing healthy skin.


Series of Six $550

Seaweed Spirulina Gel Mask
Best defense against free radicals that deplete the skin of nutrients.


Series of Six $390

Intense Camphor Acne Mask
Ideal for reducing oiliness of skin and provides antiseptic benefits.


Series of Six $360

Cellulite Reduction Therapy
Release the body of fat fluid and Toxins resulting in tighter smoother skin.


Series of Six $420

Body Wraps & Body Facials
Cleanse, Exfoliate and Mask your body. Detoxing & Slimming for all body parts.


Series of Six $550

Spa Manicure & Pedicure
Pamper your feel.
Just the same luxurious treatment for your hands.


Series of Six $215

Hot Stones Available

Facial Compliments

These Ampoules can be added to your Facial Mask or Body Mask

Controls the resiliency of the skin's elastic fibers.


Assists in retaining moisture in the skin. Super hydrating.


Hyaluronic Acid
Intensely hydrates smooths and plumps skin. Minimizes wrinkles.


Anti Large Pore
Refines and detoxifies pores for healthier looking skin.


Eye & Lip Therapy
Perfect for crows feet, under eye dark circles and lip plumping.


Egyption Sugar Body Waxing

Lip & Chin


Chest & Back


Legs & Arms


Organic & Natural Skincare Available


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